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Fort Wainwright, Alaska

Fort Wainwright is adjacent to Fairbanks in the U.S. state of Alaska. Anchorage,AK (961 miles), Los Angeles, CA (3813 miles) are some of the surrounding cities. The base serves United States Army. U.S. 172nd Infantry Brigade currently occupies the base. The base occupies 870000 acres. There are about 11000 civilian & Military personnel. The primary mission of the base is the plan and execute deployment support, force protection & contingency operations. It was established in 1961.

The base has been named honor of World War II general Jonathan M. Wainwright. The housing is very limited and is based on the rank. There are no attractions present near the base. The students located in the base attends the FairBanks county schools. At the base, arctic soldiers work & train in temperatures ranging from 80 degrees F in the summer to minus 50 degrees F in the winter. Stryker vehicles are based at the base. It has Active Duty Officer 537 Active Duty Enlisted 4220 Family Members 5282 Retirees 662 Civilian Employees 1513 Total Reserve Component 108.

The base has not been associated with nay special importance lately. The mission had participated in Bosnia conflict. The base was originally a air force base. CSM Todd E Wentland is the current Command Sergent Major of the base.